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    "MOPEKS generates computer programs and provides a framework in which they can use each other to generate further computer programs of ever increasing sophistication which can solve real life problems. It is my contention that this process is the route to true machine intelligence"

    MOPEKS stands for Methods, Objects, Properties, Environments, Kinetics and Simulation. It is intended as 'proof of principle'. It will only fly for a few hundred yards and cannot carry passengers or serve hot meals. But in due course, I believe it will fly for thousands of miles ...

    MOPEKS is really aimed at computer programmers and people interested in artificial intelligence ("AI"). If you have no background in these disciplines, please read 'Guide ⇨ Basic Principles' before going any further.


    Just highlight the Downloads button above and then press the 'MOPEKS Program' section and download the latest fully functioning version of MOPEKS without any kind of charge, registration or tricks. You do not need a credit card. Just click on the link, install it and run it for as long as you like. It is "freeware" in the real sense of the word. It is not an attempt to make money, it is an attempt to demonstrate what I believe to be a new approach to Artificial Intelligence.


    "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" Professor Stephen Hawking

    A conventional computer program written by human beings will invariably run into circumstances that were not anticipated by the person who conceived the program. For example, if you suddenly decided to drop the queen from the game of chess and play on a 7 by 7 board, a human being would cope easily enough but a chess program would need to be re-written, something that could easily take many weeks. A chess program based on the principles of MOPEKS would cope with this or any other arbitrary change.

    This is because in MOPEKS the computation which solves the particular problem at hand is carried out by computer programs which are actually generated by MOPEKS itself and which use each other in a framework also provided by MOPEKS. It could be claimed that MOPEKS takes Object Oriented Programming to its logical conclusion and can be viewed as an extremely high level programming language - whose output is not data but computer programs that solve problems.

    I believe this to be right at the heart of the nature of human intelligence - we either recall, learn or generate procedures to solve problems such as how to open a jam jar or get rid of an unwanted suitor. These procedures are specialised routines but are able to cope with variable data input - they are computer programs.

    This is the real distiction between humans and animals - the latter are "hardwired" whereas we are "self reprogrammable".

    If you wish to know more before downloading have a look at 'Guide --> Summary'. Then look at 'Guide --> How it Works'.

    The Book

    The Book sets out my views on how intelligence must have evolved and the nature of human memory and intelligence (with circuit diagrams). And also what may happen when machine intelligence becomes a reality.

    The trilogy of this website, the computer program and the book all complement each other.

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